Pre-arrangements are 100% transferrable; if a funeral home goes out of business, you relocate, or you change your mind about using a particular funeral home then you can transfer your pre-planned funeral arrangement to another funeral home.

Often times when people enter a pre-paid funeral contract they do not realize they have the ability to transfer their contract to another funeral home. You are the owner of your pre-arrangement account and therefore have the option to transfer your contract to another funeral home. This contract can be transferred either before or after death occurs.

The laws in Michigan regarding pre-paid funeral contracts purchased through a funeral home are made to protect the buyer. The money you pay toward the pre-paid funeral goes to a third party where it will remain until the contract is either canceled or fulfilled. You have ownership of the funds at all times until a licensed funeral home performs the contracted services. More importantly, transferring your pre-arranged funds from other funeral homes to Molnar Funeral Home usually means you will have no added expense.

Has the funeral home you have pre-paid your funeral with:

  • Changed ownership?
  • Had changes in staff?
  • Updated their decor?
  • Given you service options?
  • Create personalized, unique funerals?
  • Offered you a variety of in-house printing options?
  • Promptly assisted  you when needed?
  • Offered the appropriate technology your family may need?
  • Offered a comfortable setting for services of any size?
  • Maintained well-kept facilities?
  • Gives families their own private lounge while they are at the funeral home?

If you would like to transfer your pre-arrangement call us today, we are always happy to help.

In order to transfer your pre-paid funeral contract to Molnar Funeral Home, contact us and we will set up an appointment for you to meet with a licensed funeral director. Then, gather all documents you have pertaining to the pre-arranged funeral and we will discuss the final transaction. You will need to sign a transfer request form and the rest will be handled by our funeral home. For your convenience, you will not be required to contact the funeral home in which you are transferring your pre-arranged contract from.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.